Is Standing Desk really beneficial?

Many of my friends and fans have commented under my post, “David, write an article about a standing desk. It seems cool!” And actually, what I have been using is IKEA Linnmon Desk, which is very affordable and modern simple. To be honest, I have never tried standing desk before. So after your guy’s advice, I began googling “standing desk”, and have found some interesting opinion about it. So let’s go!

So one of the doubts about the standing desk is: IS STANDING DESK REALLY NECESSARY?
Before this question, I believe most of you would think, why would I need a standing desk? Sitting is so comfortable, man! But have you realized that you may have crossed your legs while sitting for a while of comfort? However, your legs and your knee joint might hurt gradually. So you just put the leg down and put another leg crossed. Is That You? Haha, so you may not notice the pain for sitting, but your body realizes.
Therefore, back to the point, do you still not believe standing desk? It may not become the cure for your pain, but it is definitely the regulator of your life. So below, I will show you why the standing desk is necessary.
You may have seen a lot of words about the benefits of the standing desk, like decrease the risk of heart attack, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. I will not show you these cliché. In this article, I will let you know how do you make the best use of your standing desk to make it really beneficial.

1. Don’t Stand All Day


Everything should have its limitation. Standing is good for your health though, standing too much can compress your spine and lead to lower back problems over time. According to the study,  there’s a ratio between sitting and standing. A ratio of 1:1 or 2:1 sitting VS standing time appears to be optimal for comfort and energy levels. Oh, some study says 3:1, but I think that’s too long. So that means, after 1-2 hour sitting, 1 hour should be spent in standing. So standing desk is not let you always stand, that’s not how standing desk working, haha.

2. You stand still

When we are a little boy, our moms always told us, “No Hump, Backup Right, man!” So when you sit, you still need to notice your posture. Not alone standing. You may think I have already stood, so I am healthy. NO!
If you don’t have the right posture, standing is useless, even worse than sitting for a long time. And you cannot keep the same position and posture for a long time. That’s to say, don’t stand still.
Then what’s the right way to stand? And what do you need in using a standing desk? Actually, some micro-movement gives the value to your standing. And it’d better if you could put a mat on the floor to reduce the fatigue of your leg muscles. This can help improve blood flow and reduce overall discomfort.

3. Find your suitable desk height and adjust your screen

Finding a suitable desk height and screen position for yourself are vital for improving comfort and minimizing injury risk while gaming.
So what’s the appropriate desk height? Firstly, set your standup desk at about elbow height. So take a 5″11″(180 cm) person, for example, their desk should be at 44 inches(111 cm) high.
Then your eyes should not get too much closer to the computer screen, which will hurt your eyes. So the recommended screen position is 20″-28″ from your face.
And your screen should also be paralleled with your eye level, not too high or too low. The ideal upwards tilt is between 10 and 20 degrees.

Anything Else?

Using a standing desk can be really beneficial for your health. However,  it would be difficult to get used to and even cause worse problems when not used correctly.
So try the tips and advice above to maximize the benefits and make the most use of your standing desk!

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