How To Build/DIY A Standing Desk?

In today’s article, I am not gonna write something about PC or gaming. Just recently, when I browse Youtube. I just searched “standing desk”, I am really obsessed with standing desk recently, cause this is really a great help to my neck and back.
Then there’s one video which attracts my attention, which is about how to DIY a standing desk. And this video really got huge views like one hundred thousand. Wow, that’s incredible. We know Youtube loves videos like “how to” or “tutorial” whatever… So I will show you how to DIY a standing desk today.
Tommy Tompkins, the builder of DIY standing desk. What he made actually is a completely wood standing desk which has 44.5″ max height.
And there is also one awesome feature about this standing desk—which can be tilted. The tiltable function can be adopted into drawing, drafting, etc. I have only seen this feature in a brand—EaoDesk Standing Desk. Their standing desks can be tilted, height adjusted and also moved. That’s so sick.
So Tommy incorporated two aluminum cup holders to prevent the spillage of beverages while working. The desk surface was built out of solid hickory which has plenty of beautiful color variations.

Well, without further ado, I will show you the video with more details. Enjoy!

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