5 PC Accessories To Help Organize Your Desk

When you sit down on your desk, do you feel like you need something more? Having spent a great amount of time in front of your gaming desk, you must have this question in your mind: Only computer, mouse and keyboard on my desk, looks SO empty and dull. How can I work or game to make it seem more chic and convenient?
Don’t worry, guys. We have got something for you! After a period of testing on our own desk and survey from our friends. We have put together 5 PC gadgets that you can put on your desk to make it sick.
So, let’s begin!

1. Computer Monitor Stand

I don’t know whether you have met with this problem. When I have sat in front of my desk for like 2-3h, my neck feels SO numb and sore. So I usually have to flex my neck and stretch out to make it feel better.
But when I found Monitor Stand, oh, man, this is the hero! The moment I bought a monitor stand, I put it under my computer monitor. The monitor feels like suddenly rising up! The height of the monitor stand I purchased is 3.5 inches. So I can level up my neck a bit more to stare at the monitor, that’s so much more comfortable. I feel like I do neck gym exercise every day, haha. No joking, seriously! It’s really a necessary stuff to be on your desk.
Okay, get to the point. Why such a tiny rectangle bridge-shaped monitor saves you from your body pain? When you use a monitor stand, you will stare at a height that doesn’t require you to strain your neck for comfort.
I know some of you may use a monitor stand like this:

Well, this is indeed awesome. It can even adjust the height and angle of the monitor stand as you wish. But I still love mine which I showed you above. The best point I think is, my monitor can also give you room for organizing your desk stuff into the empty space of monitor stand, like a drawer.  You know, things on the desk are too many and are easily messed up. But with this little drawer-shaped space, my desk is tidier.

2. Computer Glasses

When did I start to use the computer heavily? Let me recall. Well, that’s when I began my work career. I remembered I had to work for 8 hours a day. And that’s never the intensity in my college. So I haven’t forgotten that my eyes shed tears and felt extremely dry when it comes to the afternoon. I even didn’t prepare eye drops! Oh, man, I hate that!
Then one day, I have had a pair of computer glasses. I was curious and also suspicious at first whether this glasses can save my eyes. Because it looks so much like the regular glasses. What’s the mystery and magic? So I just wore it for a period. I have to tell you, does it really make your eyes more comfortable? The answer is: YES.

Therefore, what’s the principle? What the differences between regular glasses? They’re actually specially made to reduce the eye strain. There’s an anti-reflective coating on computer glasses which helps reduce the glare that bounces off the screen and light coming from the monitor. They also have a cool element which is Glass Color Tinting. Glass Color Tinting function can help increase the screen’s contrast without making it too harsh for your eyes.

3. Cable Management Clips

Oh, God. I cannot bring up this topic. Just when I thought of those messy wires,  my head nearly explodes. But thanks to the cable management clips! It has glues behind the clips, so which can be stick to the surface more firmly and removed it without any marks. So, as you can see, you can just put your wire clip into this little fillister.
It holds my charger wire securely in place and doesn’t fall or slip out. That’s so cool. I mean, it’s not like cable management box which you still put a bunch of wires inside a large box instead of organizing by wires. So cable management box is like just scratching the surface of this problem. But cable management clips is the cure! Therefore, I highly recommend you guys try this little magic. It is very affordable, by the way, only a few bucks you can buy like a hundred of them!

4. Noise-Canceling Headphone

There’re always barks from neighbor’s dog or sirens from cars on the street downstairs. Just when you want to wear your headphone and enjoy the wonder of music or the fantasy world of IRON MAN, these noises will pull your ears back to the reality.
Thankfully, here it comes noise-canceling headphones. Exactly. You don’t mishear. Noise-Cancelling. I can call this the 7th Wonder of Tech Industry.
I will show you the info of my Bose QuietComfort 35 noise-canceling headphone.
Acoustic design: Closed
Weight: 0.68 pounds
Cable length: 3.94 feet
Frequency response: N/A
Drivers: N/A
Driver type: N/A
Sensitivity: N/A
Impedance: N/A
Battery life: 20+ hours
Wireless range: N/A
NFC: Yes
After a period of testing, I can promise you, whether it’s a fierce flight around you or a train ride passing through your window, noise-canceling headphone really cuts your ears off hustle and bustle.

5. Google Home Mini

“Siren, Siren, please tell me who is the most handsome man in the world.”  Will siren tell you? NO.
Oh, sweetie, don’t think that Siren doesn’t have the heart to tell you are not handsome. Just siren doesn’t have this function.
So, here’s Google Home Mini. Such a cute and lovely little bun. This will be a decoration on your desk. And Google Home Mini can also help you track your life. I believe you have known the comprehensiveness of Google Service, so do Google Home Mini.
Google Home Mini will provide you the knowledge and also tell you what’s the weather today, lower its tone, etc.  Home Mini is your personal assistant.
So if you’re seeking for an organization for your life, just let your Google Home Mini take care of everything, giving you space to focus on all of the fun stuff.

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